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It's late, I'm tired, my DVD isn't ripping fast enough, I'm going to bed. I'll update this tomorrow with downloads (hopefully!) and pictures and links to YouTube. In the meantime ...


K-otic are a Thai (... sort of) boyband on the Kamikaze label. Like all the best orgybands, they consist of five members, two of which are half Thai and half Japanese, and one of which is Korean. (His Thai is kind of atrocious. I don't even speak Thai and I can tell it is atrocious. THAI IS A TONAL LANGUAGE, MAN, STOP WITH THAT AWFUL MONOTONE.)

This is K-otic when they first debuted in 2007 :

This is K-otic now :

Their hair has definitely improved over time.

Next up! The members, from oldest to youngest :

Jongbae (จองเบ)

Park Jongbae / จองเบ ปาร์ค
b. 1989 April 7, Seoul, South Korea
• speaks Korean and Thai, but is not very fluent in Thai (as in he speaks in a freaking monotone and it makes my ears bleed)
• plays piano, is supposedly good at acting
• writes the Korean lyrics, raps in Korean
• in the subgroup Monkey Hero, formed after Poppy and Tomo became 2High
• is always getting pranked, especially by Koen
• makes all these bizarre little noises that crack everyone up
• doesn't talk that much, mostly because he doesn't know enough Thai, but he's talkative around his friends
• gets hyper easily and is constantly moving
• super awkward &hearts never knows quite what to say or how to behave during live interviews, even if it's mostly scripted
• attended International Community School; currently attending Stamford University with Koen
• his face is absolutely flawless

Kenta (เคนตะ)

Tsuchiya Kenta / เคนตะ ซึทจิยะ
b. 1990 April 6, Saitama, Japan
• half-Thai (mother's side), half-Japanese (father's side); speaks Japanese and Thai
• wrote the Japanese rap lyrics with Tomo to some of their other songs
• his rap name is "Smoky J" (short for smoking hot Japanese man?)
• favourite fruit is the banana, favourite food is anything Japnaese
• hates birds because they poop on his head
• has a quiet, angry disposition; likes to wrestle with his friends and then get angry afterward
• good at breakdancing
• part of Monkey Hero
• always getting pranked because he never says or does anything in retaliation
adorably weird
• attended Ekamai International School; currently attending Bangkok University
• he eats K-otic for lunch

Tomo (โทโมะ)

Wisawa Taiyanonnt / วิศวะ ไทยานนท์
b. 1990 June 7, Bangkok, Thailand
• half-Thai (father's side) and half-Japanese (mother's side)
• lived in the U.S. for 8 years, but is not fluent in English (although he is decent, and certainly better than his bandmates)
• also speaks Thai fluently and is good at Japanese
• he's the quiet, "manly" type, whatever that means
• at first, he was pretty shy, but recently he's started pranking the other members a lot
• created the subgroup 2High with Poppy
• doesn't talk much IRL, but loves talking on the phone -- if you want him to talk, give him a phone and he'll never shut up
oh, look XD
• attended Niva International School
• back in the day, he was adorable and looked awkward
• now he does photoshoots like this (probably because he's in 2High -- they're the "badass" ones in K-otic)
• likes coordinating clothes
"I, Tomo, swear to love all of YOU"

Poppy (ป๊อปปี้)

Panu Chiragun / ภาณุ จิระคุณ
b. 1991 March 27, Thailand
• plays piano, guitar, bass, drums, and saxophone
• extremely punctual
• very smart -- 4.015 GPA
• attented International Communication School; currently attending Chulalongkhon University
• once upon a time, he had the most disgusting highlights known to mankind
• his tweets about school never fail to crack me up

Koen (เขื่อน)

Pataradanai Setsuwan / ภัทรดนัย เสตสุวรรณ
b. 1992 January 22, Thailand
• was an exchange student in Italy, Japan, and China
• Koen is the baby of the group, and as such is a giant crybaby
• he's also the biggest prankster
• attended St. John's International School; currently attending Stamford University with Jongbae
• he's very concerned with his appearance
• and also has a strange fascination with homosexuality
• and worries a lot about appearing gay
HE HAS A PET HEDGEHOG! it is the most adorable thing ever
• he is married to Kaew of FFK -- she's the husband, he's the wife
• he is a very special, special egg (with special friends)
• his fashion choices are ... interesting
• he has a Barbie bedspread
• he is my favourite for a lot of reasons, one of them being that he makes me d'awwwwww
buahahaha idek (that's from his birthday, btw)
• I have no idea what he talks about in his vlogs, but I watch them anyway because of the way he moves his arms and bobs his head
• he paints his nails when bored
• like Donghae, he loves flirting with his fans
• he's a psych major! it shows
I love this boy to pieces

Memorable tweets

I wanted to talk about bromance and gay and the usual sort of boyband pimping, but I can't really do that. K-otic don't have much in the way of boundless levels of gay or copious displays of bromance. What they have is hilarious, adorable friendship, both within the group and with the rest of the company.

Let's start with my favourite tweet: Koen and Jongbae riding the ... baggage cart? at the airport. I don't really have anything to say about that one; it's just adorable. I know I've said that a lot so far, but really. It's adorable. It might just be the most adorable thing in this entire post.

Other epic moments -

kenta_kotic: Toilet is my soulmate lol!!!!
Tomo_kotic: @kenta_kotic dude, you went to the restroom like 6 times already within 1 hour. Thts amazing.
kenta_kotic: @Tomo_kotic actually more than ten times hahaha T T

The next day - kenta_kotic: Loveful toilet I would like to ask u to be my wife lol!! Love forever my toilet ^^ joob joob

A month later, Kenta/toilet is still OTP.

kenta_kotic: lovefullllll toilet in chiang rai woooo!!
Koen1Kotic: @kenta_kotic lil dam, LOVE is in da air,,,,hiwwwww sid rid maks,

Kenta likes to bother Koen, too. And mock him. And generally act like a creepy stalker. Despite their bizarre and occasionally gay bffery, Kenta had a hard time getting Koen to follow him on Twitter.

The gay
Koen1Kotic: Lil dam, kenta is freakin spyin on me......I'm shy.......mauahahaahahahah
kenta_kotic: @Koen1Kotic I loveee uuuu loveful lil dam lol

Koen1Kotic: Lil dam, mornin kappom, sour thraot, puffy eyes, sorm face....owww that's me!!!!@kenta_kotic smoky J look sexy 2day!

The bizarre
Koen1Kotic: Lil dam, I dun like chinese snacks,!
kenta_kotic: @Koen1Kotic I love chinese snack lol!

Koen1Kotic: Got caught by the policeeeeee......yeahh lol
kenta_kotic: @Koen1Kotic lol hahaha have any wish b4 getting into jail?

The weirdest thing about these tweets is that even now, Koen mostly ignores whatever Kenta says in reply, which makes Kenta look pretty desperate and ... stalker-ish. Or an attention whore. Or both. And despite Koen's reluctance to follow Kenta, he too is a bit of an attention whore.

Resources / credits

• Wikipedia (English / Thai)
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Official Kamikaze site
Kamikaze on YouTube
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Jongbae's twitter
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Faye Fang Kaew's twitters
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Nautiljon (and the individual members' pages)


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Feb. 6th, 2010 11:42 pm (UTC)
lmao koen jump rope?! XDDD

brb soaking in the awesome
Feb. 8th, 2010 08:06 am (UTC)
You know I follow them on Twitter but I never paid any attention to the Lulz that goes on within those tweets
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